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Unpleasant Awakening

Unpleasant Awakening, 1992

Media: Acrylic

This painting was inspired by the book The Hobbit. In the story, Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo Baggins, and the dwarves took refuge in a cave during a storm. As they slept, a band of goblins came through a secret passage in the cave wall, capturing Bilbo and the dwarves. Then Gandalf awoke and blew up several goblins with his staff.

In Memory of Brandy

In Memory of Brandy, 2005

Media: Chalk Pastel

In Memory of Barbara

In Memory of Barbara, 2003

Media: Chalk Pastel

Cookbook Veggies

Cookbook Veggies, 1994

Media: Acrylic and Colored Pencil

Cartoon vegetables used to decorate a cookbook. Characters were designed to represent how vegetables tasted.

Afterburner and the Joining of Souls in Moonburst

Afterburner and the Joining of Souls in Moonburst, 1985

Media: Oil

Most artists like using colors to represent the feelings they are trying to portray. In this picture I painted the female subject in blue hues, the cool colors, and the male in reds portraying heat. The combining of the two cause a reaction of passion like those found in nature such as fire, lightning, crystal and tornadoes.

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